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Book Design & Intent

The Book of Dreams titled 'I dream..." is a large sized, beautifully designed and produced coffee table book – an immersive experience that is authentic, relevant and shareable. 

This book is designed to be a visual capsule of contemporary expressions, reflecting dreams of the purest minds in the country, untouched yet by conditioning and pragmatism. This book of historic significance is characterized by hope in an uncertain future, harmony in chaos, creativity in uncertainty, honesty in performance, and resilience in disruptive times. 

The Book of Dreams contains around 375 pages that present the diverse dreams of 150 children across India. Believing in the power of visualization, the focus is kept on the artwork. This is subtly supported by a short prose that is inspired by the child's letter. Each dream is a unique story, waiting to be experienced!

To make the book actionable with a strong purpose, these dreams are grouped under PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY and aligned them with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.These dreams have selected by a global Jury and Play2Transform team from over 10,000 dreams of children from all over India. 

These artworks are innocent dreams, naive and almost laughable would say the cynic in us. But therein lies their greatest strength, the ability to believe that keeping it simple is the key. Quite possibly our redemption lies here. Between these artworks, among these expressions.

The plan is to have a copy of this book personally handed over by a group of children to the Honourable President of India. 

Our sincerest endeavor is to reach the policy makers, change makers, thought leaders and influencers of the country so that they are able to take the inputs from this book and use it for the transformation they are pushing for. For everyone else, we hope for this book to be the inspiration to dream high, dream strong and dream on!


We are happy to let you you know that we are doing a limited edition print run for you! To get a copy of the official book of dreams, you may contribute to Project Dream On, India. To avail this opportunity, kindly provide us with the estimated number of copies you will need.

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"I dream..." - an India collective!

A never before compilation of dreams addressed to the Honourable President of India that paint the picture of the future of India. Every child's dream is a canvas of hope, every palette filled with exuberance for the horizon.

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